Get Up and Get Moving

Get Up and Get Moving

Get Up and Get Moving

 Dog Hiding in Couch

When Jaycee was younger I would stand the couch cushions up so she would not be able to lie on the couch.  

She was not deterred; she just made the best of a bad situation. 

The fact is she was comfortable sitting under the cushions. I on the other hand had nowhere to sit. 

It was just as well. 

Not being able to sit on the couch meant I would not spend as much time watching TV. 

Yes, I changed my entire routine to accommodate my dog.  That is one way to look at it. 

Another way to look at it is….. this is just one more way that my dog has forced me to get up and get moving and that is a good thing.

We all deserve a break but the fact is that we are happier when we are up and moving around. 

Not everyone is healthy enough to be mobile, but those of us who are need to take advantage of our good fortune.

I am lucky to have a dog that motivates me to exercise, but we all have something that motivates us. 

What motivates you to get up off the couch?



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