Shocking News . . . Your Fat Cells May Be Multiplying

Shocking News . . . Your Fat Cells May Be Multiplying

Shocking News . . . Your Fat Cells May Be Multiplying
Danger Fat Multiplying
Danger Fat Multiplying

Working from home, TV news is my background noise.  Most of the time I pay no attention to what is being said – it is all blah, blah, blah.  But every now and then some news catches my undivided attention.  The other day that happened.  


The news was all politics and bad weather and then suddenly the newscaster announced “people now have 50% more fat cells in their butt than they had in the past because they spend more time sitting in front of their computers.” 

Now what woman wants 50% more fat cells in their butt?

After that breaking news, my computer chair AKA Fat Cell Multiplier is my new Public Enemy #1.  I break away from its vice grip on my derriere every hour or two and go for a walk.

Yesterday, although it was overcast and chilly,  I rolled out of bed, let Jaycee my dog out, bundled up, leashed her and off we went.  We went through the same process at lunch only instead of rolling out of bed I rolled out of my Fat Cell Multiplier to go for another walk.   And again, we did the same in the evening.   

As we took off for our evening walk , the weather was actually warmer and starting to clear so we went on our longer route.  About halfway through our walk it started to get dark and houses were all lit up with their Christmas decorations. 

It was so pretty we extended our walk.  I flipped on the Nite Ize LED Light that is attached to my key so cars could see me since we were now in the heart of rush hour traffic and there were a lot of cars heading home. 

It was a wonderful day and night of walking and Jaycee is thrilled to help me keep my derriere in check

Now is the time of year when walking in neighborhoods is magical.  Get off of your own Fat Cell Multiplier and enjoy the scenery.  Tell us about your walking experiences.

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  1. Tassilyn 10 years ago

    That’s a smart way of thinking about it.

  2. Gracelyn 10 years ago

    When you think about it, that’s got to be the right awnesr.

  3. I read an article a few weeks back that said people who have sedentary jobs (aka office) are more at risk for certain diseases than active employees, even if they do work out after work a few times a week. The article said it might not be enough activity to offset the 8 hours a day we spend sitting. It’s scary to think about, because what solution is there?

  4. DoItUp 10 years ago

    The solution is to stand-up while you work.

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