Exercise Like A Puppy

Exercise Like A Puppy

Exercise Like A Puppy
Exercise Like A Puppy

Exercise Like A Puppy

Have you ever seen a puppy play? 

They run around like crazy for 10 to 15 minutes and then collapse.  After a rest they do it all over again.  And they have so much fun when they are moving around.

It is often difficult to schedule an hour to walk every single day. 

So many obstacles are thrown in your path to exercising every day.  Some things you have no control over like the weather or work. 

Others you can control but let’s face it, it is hard to get up early to exercise when you have stayed up late watching TV, reading the latest thriller or tending to a sick child.

If you set a goal of walking an hour a day or 3 miles a day don’t be disappointed when you can’t meet that goal for a day or two just make a play-date with yourself.  By this I mean schedule 15 minutes of play time every few hours throughout the day –skip around your office or living room, jump rope, dance or whirl a hula hoop. 

Stand while you are on a conference call.  Do a few pushups against a wall or dust off your Wii and box with your kids to work out the stress of the day.

You will be surprised how invigorated you feel after exercising. 

You will find that you work different muscles.  Just make sure you keep it fun.  Your body will thank you for getting up and moving no matter how silly you look.

I spent last weekend playing with my 7 year old grandniece and my sister’s 6 month old black lab puppy.  I feel like I got more exercise in those three days than I normally do in a week.  

I played “let’s make up a new dance” and chased unretrieved tennis balls all in the space of a few hours.

It was exercise but it was also fun.

Had to include this YouTube of puppies playing.

At :37 one puppy is on top of another . . . so adorable.

Love the puppy stage.  It is soooooooo fleeting.

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