Easy Spirit Makes Your Decision Easy

Easy Spirit Makes Your Decision Easy

Easy Spirit Makes Your Decision Easy

I have worn these shoes for at least 5 years. This is a good shoe to wear if you are planning on doing most of your walking on streets, walking paths, treadmills or maintained flat trails. I wore these shoes all over Amsterdam. Everywhere from the Rijksmuseum to the flower gardens at Keukenhof. While my friends complained about their feet I was pain free!

One of the nice things about Easy Spirit athletic and walking shoes is that they are rated according to intensity. Shoes rated a “1” are for light activity, those rated a “2” are for activities that have a medium intensity and a shoe rated “3” are considered high performance.

There are pro’s and con’s to all shoes. You need to make your decision based on your level and type of activity. Will you be running and walking? Taking long distance walks? Participating in a 3 day charity event?


  • Very Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Come in many different colors and styles
  • Good arch support
  • Moderate ankle support
  • Very flexible
  • You can wear them if you plan to combine short spurts of running with your walking
  • Good Cushioning
  • Many of the level 3 shoes are made with a material (on the inside of the shoe) to wick away moisture
  • Several different prices
  • They are true to size


  • Definitely not a running shoe, you can only wear these if you are sure you will be walking more than running
  • They are not waterproof and after mine got very wet they had an odd rubbery smell
  • They are not effective on an uneven terrain
  • They have a limited amount of tread

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  1. Peggyann Boyd 13 years ago

    Hi, I cannot seem to work my easyspirit pedometer. Could you send me the directions. Thank you. Peggyann

  2. Penny 13 years ago

    Did you ever get the directions? I cannot find mine

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