Dog Walking: Let Your Dog Take You For A Walk

Dog Walking: Let Your Dog Take You For A Walk

Dog Walking: Let Your Dog Take You For A Walk

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Dog walking has once again been proven to be great for your health. Any dog owner could have told you this, but the Canadian’s decided to study it. They found that owning a dog nearly doubles the amount of time spent walking.

In other words people do not have the discipline to get up and go for a walk because it is good for their health, but they will get up and go for a walk because it is good for their dog’s health. “There’s this extra dog obligation that helps get people up and out for their exercise,” study co-author Shane Brown, a physical education instructor and researcher at the University of Victoria, said in a prepared statement.

Results of the dog walking study were reported in the February issue of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. There were 351 adult participants in the study; I assume they are measuring the number of adult humans that participated and not the number of adult dogs. The study found that dog owners walked an average of 300 minutes a week as opposed to 168 minutes for those without a dog.

Apparently the impact of dog’s on their human’s exercise ends there. Other than walking, dog owners exercised less than people without dogs. The study says that this means dog owners walk because they want to be active with their pet. I say it is because it can be hard to stop at the gym on the way home from work when you know you have a dog at home waiting to be let out and to be fed.

No matter how many times you study it, the answer will be the same. Dog owners walk more than non-dog owners. So, if you own a dog go wake him up and go for a walk. Dog walking is good for both the humans and the dogs.

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  1. dog houses 14 years ago

    I didn’t know that dog facts! Thanks for posting…

  2. Sally 14 years ago

    I was one of those people who stop working out at the gym (even though my back problems were helped by my exercises) because my Australian Shepherd needed the attention. The owner/trainer at the gym modified my strength training program so that I can do the exercises while I’m walking Tucker. We both win! Check out our story at

  3. Excel Pet Care 7 years ago

    We always knew it! Walking your dog or other peoples dogs has so many other benefits too, Its great for a mental workout aswell as a physical workout. Meeting other dog walkers, seeing what is happening in your local area or just catching up with old friends. Keep walking!

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