Walking Vacation at Dog Friendly Florida Beaches

Walking Vacation at Dog Friendly Florida Beaches

Walking Vacation at Dog Friendly Florida Beaches
dog walking on the beach

My favorite place to walk is on a Florida beach with my dog 


Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to go for a daily walk.  However, my motivation is renewed when I visit my Florida family’s beach house.  There is never a bad day at the beach.


It is understandable why so many people retire to Florida because our beaches are flat and easy to walk.  Maybe I am biased because I grew up in Florida but Florida beaches are the best free exercise spots in the world.


You can still find a few dog friendly Florida beaches 

Unfortunately many beaches ban man’s best friend but there are still a few that allow you to share sun and sand with your pooch.  It is easy to walk for hours breathing fresh salt air with the sound of crashing waves.  My dog plays in the surf while sea gulls fish in the ocean.

There is always something fun to watch.  Kids find sea shells.  Families fly kites.  Colorful sailboats are on the water.  Sunsets on Florida beaches are magical.

Destination walk with your dog to a beach cafe

Florida has crab shacks, gourmet cafes and coffee shops on the beach with outdoor seating.  Why would anyone go to a stuffy indoor restaurant when you can eat outside in the midst of a gorgeous Florida beach panorama?

Don’t miss the experience of taking a long walk on the beach topped off with a meal at a dog friendly eatery. You will never forget your day.

Where to stay with your dog

Florida is hot most of the year so you can’t leave your dog in the car.  When we travel, we often stay at La Quinta Hotels.  They are dog friendly plus they provide free internet access.

The newer and remodeled ones are really nice places to stay.  We have met many other dog owners including agility and show dog owners at La Quinta.

If you are planning a dog friendly walking vacation, consider a trip to the Florida beaches.  You won’t be disappointed.

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