Destination Walking for 10,000 Steps Per Day

Destination Walking for 10,000 Steps Per Day

Destination Walking for 10,000 Steps Per Day

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.”   Steven Wright

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Our first pedometers arrived in the mail about 1 year ago.   My wife, dog and I decided to test them out by taking our first destination walk to Dunkin Donuts.

What???? Walking to Dunkin’ Donuts?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts!  You see Dunkin Donuts is about 5 miles round trip from our house.  We stopped for a cup of coffee and a cup of water.  Dunkin Donuts was our resting stop halfway in our travels.

Destination walks are great as long as you don’t consume thousands of calories at your destination. 

Having a specific location a couple of miles away forces you to double the distance. It is much easier to destination walk for long distances because there is no turning back.  Once you have walked to your destination, you have to return. 

Here are some suggestions for places to destination walk to meet your 10,000 daily step goal:

  • If you subscribe to Netflix, walk to the post office to return the videos.
  • Walk to your favorite coffee shop with your dog and get in thousands of  steps.
  • A “reward walk” to eat breakfast at a local café is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.
  • Walk to visit neighbors to enjoy more strolling with them around the neighborhood.
  • Walk to a nearby park or lake to enjoy an afternoon feeding the birds.
  • Carry a knapsack and grocery stores will make great destinations to buy a few supplies.

Think of locations like a nearby lake, schoolyard, grocery store, or movie theater within a few miles of your home.  Consider walking instead of driving. 

If you see some stairs along your route, take a detour to walk up and down some flights to increase calories and your daily steps

You will accumulate 10,000 steps quickly when you add destination walks to your daily routine.  We have a neighbor who starts every Saturday doing destination walks with his dog.  By noon, he has an impressive 16,000 steps.

Our neighbor keeps us motivated because we are always comparing pedometers.  We have a friendly competition to see who walks farther.

Guest Blogger:  Joe

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