Debbie Rocker Weighted Walking Vest Review

Debbie Rocker Weighted Walking Vest Review

Debbie Rocker Weighted Walking Vest Review

debbie rocker walking vest reviewMy sister-in-law lost 15 lbs over several months just by wearing a Debbie Rocker Weighted Walk Vest. She wears it when walking as well as when she is doing chores around her home. The added weight adds a level of difficulty to ordinary exercise.

Lifting a 8 pound weighted vest is eye opening. Just that little amount of weight feels heavy and yet many Americans carry around more then that amount of extra weight.

The benefit of a weighted vest is that it evenly distributes the weight and leaves your hands free. After a few minutes, you will hardly notice you have it on.

Celebrity Valerie Bertinelli used a weight vest on her weight loss journey

On Rachael Ray’s talk show, Valerie Bertinelli shared that as she lost weight her body wasn’t under the same exertion as when she was overweight so losing weight became harder as she got thinner. She tricked her body to continue losing with a weighted vest.

Here is Rachael Ray’s  interview about why a Walking Vest helps as you lose weight:

Debbie Rocker’s weighted walking vest is attractive

My sister-in-law rave review convinced me to buy a walking vest. I wear the Debbie Rocker Walk Vest
doing ordinary activities like shopping, running errands, and walking into stores. People have stopped me to ask me where to buy a weighted vest. The black looks good with almost any outfit.

It is one of the easiest ways I have found to increase exercise exertion because you just add weight to everyday activities.  If you are looking for a great Christmas present for a friend or relative who wants to lose weight, consider a Debbie Rocker Weighted Walking Vest.

Debbie Rocker Walking Vest Review by BJ



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