What Do You Think of Columbia’s Omni Electric Heat Wim Hof Commercial?

What Do You Think of Columbia’s Omni Electric Heat Wim Hof Commercial?

What Do You Think of Columbia’s Omni Electric Heat Wim Hof Commercial?
Columbia Omni Heat Electric Wim Hof Commercial

Columbia Omni Heat Electric Wim Hof Commercial

As a person who eases into an 80 degree pool in 90 degree weather, the Wim Hof Columbia Omni Heat Electric Commercial makes me shudder


If you haven’t seen this commercial, you are missing a treat in American marketing genius.  Who would guess that Wim Hof who will never use Columbia’s products successfully markets Columbia’s Omni Heat Electric Jacket and Gloves. 


Wim Hof runs barefoot in the snow, gets packed like a sardine in a frozen container and jumps into frozen ponds.  

He sits like a guru on an ice cube and mocks the rest of us who will never experience the feeling the warmth of tropical islands if we ever end up in the frozen Tundra.  Columbia hits its target market because 99.999999% of the population would die of exposure trying even one of this man’s feats.  We are definitely NOT Wim Hof.

I am always good for the latest gadget combined with a great sales pitch.  As I sit wrapped in a fleece blanket typing this blog, Wim Hof sold me. 

My husband, Joe, drives with the rear windows down on freezing days so our dog won’t be hot and tells me that my uncontrolled shivering is all in my mind.  You have to wonder who he loves more.

However, my revenge comes on cold mornings when even he has a hard time going from a toasty bed to sub freezing wind chills when our dog needs to walk.  Joe is constantly in search of the the perfect warm coat for cold mornings.  

We have closets of jacket rejects so I was going to finally buy his perfect Christmas gift . . .  the Columbia Omni Heat Jacket.   With “Heat at the touch of a button,”   this jacket even sounds heavenly.

OMG . . . sticker shock.   The price of the jacket is around $1,000 and the gloves are $400. 

If we lived in Alaska, for sure I would feel the need for this investment.  However, my husband can practice being Wim Hof as he walks on cold winter mornings. 

Instead I will wrap up Wim Hof’s skivvies with a note “it’s all in your mind” and put his gift under the Christmas tree.

For those who buy the Columbia Omni Heat Electric Jacket and Gloves
. . . let us live vicariously through your experiences by sharing comments below.

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  1. Fred Peterson 11 years ago

    This man is awesome

  2. paul 11 years ago

    Nice Article

  3. JohnW 11 years ago

    I am definitely not Wim Huff but he is amazing. Thanks for sharing the commercial.

  4. Channery 11 years ago

    We need more insights like this

  5. Eliza 11 years ago

    That’s the best awnser of all time! JMHO

  6. apartments for sale 10 years ago

    Enjoyed reading the post! Looking forward to seek more of your fantastic post.

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