Change Your Mood, You Have The Power

Change Your Mood, You Have The Power

Change Your Mood, You Have The Power

Change Your Mood

Ever wake up and feel, what?  Gloomy, no that is not exactly right?  Depressed, no?  But not exactly happy either.  Something has you all riled up, you feel something, but you are not sure exactly what. 

And what caused you to feel like this? 

Was it a fight you had with your spouse or partner?  Is there someone at work who is taking the fun out of your job?  Are your kids driving you crazy?

At times like this we seek comfort and for many of us that comfort is found in food or shopping or both. 

The two things we generally need to do less of are eat and shop.  A little piece of chocolate is okay . . .  a whole bag of M & M’s is not.  Buying what you need is okay . . . buying things that become clutter in your house and empty out your bank account is not.

Think about the things that you can do more of that will improve your life. 

Volunteering transfers the focus from your problems to the problems of someone else.  There are volunteer opportunities all over our communities. 

Don’t have time to make a once a week commitment? 

Look for things you can do that fit your schedule like sort food at the local food bank, read to kids through a literacy organization or cook for an organization that provides food to families who are in town visiting relatives at a local hospital.

Another activity where more is better is exercise. 

Shake off your gloom by taking an extra long walk or pump up the tires on that little used bicycle.  Go splash around the community swimming pool.  Think outside of the box and find something to change your mood. 

No one wants to spend time with someone who has a bad case of the mopes.

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