Calories Burned Walking A Mile

Calories Burned Walking A Mile

Calories Burned Walking A Mile
Calories Burned Walking a Mile

Calories Burned Walking a Mile – Photo By Glass_House

When you first start a walking program, one of the most liberating things to learn is that the average person burns approximately 100 calories per mile whether you amble, walk, run, jog or sprint a mile.

Now that is great news!!!  If you are the tortoise OR the hare, you will burn approximately 100 calories for every mile walked. In our fast paced world, don’t worry about how long it takes you to make the finish line.

All you need to do is  add a few more steps here and there. Your extra steps will add up to your ultimate fitness goals.

So walk briskly around a track or take a stroll through the mall window shopping for 1 mile.  The calories will be the same for the distance.

Brisk walks will give you more aeorbic benefits and you will burn more calories in an hour the faster you walk.  Let’s face it . . . ANY walking movement is better than being a couch potato.

Speed helps you cover more miles within an hour which increases your calories burned. 

Here is the math: 

1 mile per hour   = 1 mile walked  = 100 calories in an hour
2 miles per hour = 2 miles walked = 200 calories in an hour
3 miles per hour = 3 miles walked = 300 calories in an hour
4 miles per hour = 4 miles walked = 400 calories in an hour
5 miles per hour = 5 miles walked = 500 calories in an hour

If you are obese or you are a featherweight, your calories burned will vary from the average but the general rule still holds true.  The more miles you cover the more calories you burn no matter what your pace.

Wear your pedometer to record every precious step.  You will feel satisfied as you gather mileage.

Don’t set discouraging unrealistic expectations. Start slowly and smell the roses.

Eventually you will be in such great shape that you will want to swing your arms for added exertion, pick up your pace and skip to the beat of your Itunes.

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  1. Nathan 14 years ago

    This is not true, you do not burn the same number of calories. Claims that walking and running burn the same number of calories generally boil down to a matter of newtons three laws. The claim is that in a “perfect” environment it requires the same quantity of energy to move a unit of mass one mile regardless of speed. This is true, however this claim fails to account for the vertical motion one undergoes when jogging. The vertical motion is what causes our knees to bend when at every step, this is not as prevalent when walking. This means that not only are we moving our unit of mass 1 mile but when jogging we also move our unit of mass up and down, thus it requires more energy to run a mile.

    • quackerjake 9 years ago

      You’re right and that up and down when jogging is what blows out my knees and ankles. That’s why I walk or ride a bike. The problem is with the bike I have ride about 5 times as many miles as I walk to burn the same calories.

  2. Peter T 13 years ago

    If this is looked at scientifically, it will never be correct. It is important to look at the numbers for what they are. Yes, jogging burns more. Yes, if you weigh 400 pounds it burns more than if you weigh 90. Yes, when you jog and finish faster, you take more breaths and burn more energy. But for the lethargic society we live in, it’s good to have a benchmark number. I suspect if we had 6 fingers per hand instead of 5, it would still be 100 calories and not 84.
    It’s good to know that if the bars are a bit over a mile apart and you’re walking, you can have a beer at each one and still break even in the end.

  3. Junior Young 13 years ago

    I would like to mention that I started out walking to help lower my blood pressure and lost 15 pounds in the process. I am a firm believer in walking to be healthy.

    • Margery 10 years ago

      If only there were more celver people like you!

    • Debrah 10 years ago

      Wow, that’s a relaly clever way of thinking about it!

  4. Jim 13 years ago

    I agree with the spirit of the original post. It matters not whether you burn 84 or 100 calories per mile. Walk 1 mile or 10. Walk at 4 mph or 1.5. It matters that you get out there, get some fresh air. Enjoy your surroundings. And finish with a well earned sense of accomplishment at the end. That you worked off some calories is a bonus.

    • Tess 10 years ago

      I was so cnoufsed about what to buy, but this makes it understandable.

    • Stormy 10 years ago

      And I was just wondierng about that too!

    • Sammy 10 years ago

      I agree!

  5. ave 10 years ago

    I’ve found that if you can brisk walk or use interval walking you get benefits similar to jogging.

    I’ve been able to keep my weight 7-10 pounds under my heaviest weight by walking regularly and eating a little better than I had in the past.

    Now because I’m about to have shoulder surgery, I have not been able to use weights to stay in shape, so I mainly walk to keep some semblance of health.

    It’s easier than running, doesn’t require extra equipment and I get to smell the roses and not rush by in a hurry.

  6. Sammy 10 years ago

    We Americans are so sedentary and increasingly obese. It does not really matter how many calories are burned walking a mile. All that really matters is that we get up and away from our computers and tv’s and start moving.

  7. Andrew 10 years ago

    I moved to a major city and started walking a lot more as I no longer have a car. I probably average around 12 miles a week. I also stopped eating fast food every day and I ended up losing 15lbs in around 3 months. And I wasn’t even trying.

    Walking should absolutely be a part of everyone’s routine. Did 5 miles today and feel great.

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