Burn Calories While You Work A Desk Job

Burn Calories While You Work A Desk Job

Burn Calories While You Work A Desk Job
Work While Standing

Work While Standing

After years of sitting at a desk I finally saw the light and started working standing up. 

I love my office; it is sunny, peaceful, quiet and messy.  Just the way I like a room. 

Working from home, I have a lot of flexibility with the ergonomics and conditions of my work environment.  Suffering from neck and shoulder pain for years, I have spent a fortune on massages trying to relieve my pain. 

My pain was better on the weekends when I was not working and worse during the week when I was working.  Taking walk breaks during the day eased my pain becuase of the motion of swinging my arms.  However,  I was never sure how to change the hours spent sitting.

Recent studies show that sitting all day may actually shorten your life

Needing to find a less sedentary work space, one day I moved my laptop and work materials into the kitchen which is also sunny, peaceful, quiet and messy to try working standing up.  It has made a huge difference.  My neck pain is almost all gone. 

My day alternates between sitting and standing work periods. 

Standing gives me the added benefit of adding occasional squats and one leg standing exercises to work on my core and balance.  You burn more calories and get a workout while working a desk job.

There are also some additional benefits to my new work space.  Since I am very close to the coffee pot, I have to keep my kitchen clean because I don’t want kitchen activities infringing on my work environment.  Plus I stare at a bottle of wine all day so I am motivated to work faster for my after work reward of a relaxing glass of wine. 

I still get those massages because I like them but I don’t feel like I need them to get through the work week.

If you work in an office, look around and see if there is a way for you to work standing up. 

Many of my friends have discovered the benefit of standing while working.  Some friends use free solutions of countertop kitchen bars, high tables and stacking books on a regular height desk.  

BJ, the other contributer to Discover Walking, started with free standing desk solutions to see if she liked standing while working.  Once she knew that standing part of the day was beneficial, she retrofited her desk with a dual monitor Ergotron Work Fit-S.  You can see reviews of this workstation by clicking this link or the picture below.

Ergotron Work Fit Dual Monitor Desk

Ergotron Work Fit Dual Monitor Desk

Now her keyboard and monitors change positions easily so she can move from sitting to standing in seconds.

My free standing desk solution works for me since I work with a laptop. 

Her more elegant solution works well for her dual monitor home office work environment.  It would, also, work well in a corporate environment.

We both recommend trying free standing workstation solutions first to see if standing part of the day is worthwhile for you.

You don’t have to stand all day every day, but I bet if you thought about it you could find a way to spend less time sitting and more time standing.


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  1. Perry 9 years ago

    Like you . . . I started standing while working at my kitchen counter. I felt that sitting all day wasn’t healthy.

  2. Fred 9 years ago

    I invested in a sit stand desk. It was my best purchase for my health.

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