Bring Water To Stay Hydrated On Your Walks

Bring Water To Stay Hydrated On Your Walks

Bring Water To Stay Hydrated On Your Walks
puppy drinking water

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

When off the beaten path, you need to bring water for you and your faithful friend

However, carrying a dog dish while you walk is a pain so do what we did . . . we trained our dog Chance from the time he was a puppy to drink from water bottles. 

Two Flask Hydration Belt Waterpack

Two Flask Hydration Waterpack Belt

One possible solution is to use a Water Bottle Waistpack with Two Flasks (click the picture above to see reviews) . . . one bottle for you and one for your dog. The waistpack adds a little weight that is individually distributed which gives you the advantage of adding to your calories burned.

 Isn’t puppy Chance in water training adorable? 

Oh the good old days when Chance was a lap dog.  Goldens grow so quickly.  This lap dog stage lasted all of a week.

Chance now at 85 lbs sees his Yorkie BFF get on our laps so Chance still tries to be our lap dog, too.    Chance is the poster child for distorted body self image.

How do you know if you are drinking enough water?

Boy Scouts of America shares that your urine is a good indicator.   The Boy Scounts have provided a color coded chart to help you know if your hydration level is adequate.  Use this simple chart as a guideline.

Urine Hydration Color Chart

So pack your water bottles and go for a walk with your faithful walking buddy.  Use the color chart to make sure you are getting adequate hydration.

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  1. Paula 9 years ago

    Golden puppies are adorable. We have always owned goldens.

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