Birkenstock Walking Shoe Review

Birkenstock Walking Shoe Review

Birkenstock Walking Shoe Review

birkenstock shoesWalking for days at trade shows on concrete floors can kill your feet. You know you are in trouble when massage therapists are provided to help weary shoppers go the extra mile. Our nephew has bone spurs so concrete floors are excruciating.

We stopped into a Birkenstock store the first day after a spring gift trade show and he found his dream shoe. Shoes are definitely a personal preference. Birkenstocks are wonderful for our nephew but not the shoe of choice for 3 other family members.

He won’t be parted with his Birkenstocks.  There are huge numbers of Birkenstock fans in the world who agree with my nephew’s favorite shoe.


Many walkers find Birkenstocks the most comfortable shoes in the world.


Many walking enthusiasts find them clunky, stiff and unattractive.

Birkenstock Review Recommendation

If you are like our nephew, you will think they are the best shoes in the world. Definitely stop in a Birkenstock store to see if you rate Birkenstock’s the cat’s meow. Hundreds of thousands of happy Birkenstock fans can’t be wrong.

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  1. Anna 15 years ago

    These are really nice shoes. I bought similar shoes from NIKE store and got exiting offers.

  2. Jody 14 years ago

    Has anyone ever owned a pair of Birko Orthopadie Premiums, did you like them and do you know if they are built the same as Birkenstocks?

  3. battery 14 years ago

    Those are unique and look fantastic on!!

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