Add Pedometer Steps Effortlessly

Add Pedometer Steps Effortlessly

Add Pedometer Steps Effortlessly
Rocking Chair Pedometer Steps

Rocking Chair Pedometer Steps

Do you read magazines with catchy headlines like “15 Ways to Effortlessly Lose Weight” or “Exercise Without Breaking a Sweat?”   You buy the magazines and are disappointed with articles that are far from effortless!

Well . . . today is your day. Your won’t be disappointed because we decided to take a humor break  to share ways we found that are guaranteed effortless for adding daily steps to your pedometer.

Seriously, we don’t recommend these tips as a means to meet your fitness goals but some of our readers will enjoy reading how easily their pedometers are tricked:

  1. Chi Machines are good for thousands of steps
  2. Relax on a boat while riding the rough seas. You will be surprised at your distance.
  3. Bumpy car rides will get you a few hundred steps.
  4. That rocking chair on the front porch is good for a least a hundred steps.
  5. Riding horses is great exercise for your horse and is a fairly easy way to get a few effortless steps especially if your horse is named Buttermilk.
  6. Why waste precious steps which aren’t recorded?   Ask your spouse to get your pedometer and their steps bringing you the pedometer will be recorded.
  7. Shake your pedometer up and down or is that too much effort?

Now that we have horrified walking purists . . . to avoid these freebie steps, then simply  remove your pedometer before doing these activities.

If you have discovered other humorous ways to trick your pedometer, please feel free to post your comments.

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