10 Big Bang Theory Nerds Lessons About Life, Health & Fitness

10 Big Bang Theory Nerds Lessons About Life, Health & Fitness

10 Big Bang Theory Nerds Lessons About Life, Health & Fitness

Big Bang Theory 10 Life Lessons

Thought we would take a humor break today to share 10 Life Lessons you can learn from The Big Bang Theory geniuses. Nerds offer sage advice. 

Lesson #1 – What you don’t know may kill you.

Trust the geek.

Season 3 – Episode 22
The Staircase Implementation

Lesson #2 – Note to self . . . invest in 99 cent adhesive ducks ASAP

Sheldon’s practical advice will save you thousands in emergency room fees

Quoting Script Dialogue

Penny: I slipped in the shower, and I think I dislocated my shoulder.
Sheldon: Not surprising. You have no safety mat or adhesive stickers to allow for purchase on a surface with a low coefficient of static friction.
Penny: What?
Sheldon: Tubs are slippery.
Penny: I know. I slipped.
Sheldon: I have a series of whimsical duck stickers on the bottom of my tub.
Penny: Yeah, okay, whatever. Will you just turn the water off and help me up?
Sheldon: They’re holding umbrellas.
Penny: What?
Sheldon: The ducks in my tub.
Penny: Uh-huh.
Sheldon: They’re whimsical because ducks have neither the need for, nor the ability to use umbrellas.
Penny: Oh, my god. I got to go to the emergency room.

Season 3 – Episode 8
The Adhesive Duck Deficiency 

Lesson #3 – Need a friend?  Follow the flow chart

Avoid infinite loops with a loop counter and escape to the LOA (Least Objectionable Activity) is genius advice

Season 2 – episode 13
The Friendship Algorithm

 Lesson #4 – Computer 101  . . . Always Reboot

Simple solutions are best when Winnie the Pooh is caught in the honey tree.

Season 4 – Episode 1
The Robotic Manipulation

Lesson #5 – Organizationally Challenged?  Become a BFF to someone who compulsively organizes

Not all Sheldon’s quirks are bad.  Who needs a maid when you have a neighbor with a cleaning dysfunction? 

Sheldon quote, “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.” 

Season 1 – Episode 3
The Big Bran Hypothesis

Lesson #6 – When you find yourself living your dream, enjoy the experience

Sheldon’s profound statement

The Bakersfield Expedition
Season 6 – Episode 13

Lesson #7 – Self diagnosing? Factor in the brussel sprouts.

Classic Sheldon hypochondriac moment

Season 4 – Episode 02
The Calciferous Vegetable Amplification

Lesson # 8 – Spontaneous exercising with friends gets you on your feet and moving

Who would have guessed that The Big Bang Theory cast and crew could dance?

Call Me Maybe flash mob version which is my favorite.

Many will say I should have shared the longer viral video version including rap and break dancing. Ok . .. so here it is:

 The Big Bang Theory Flash Mob Viral Video

Lesson #9 – Thoughtful gifts break through emotional barriers

Sheldon hugs Penny for the first time


Lesson # 10 – “Soft Kitty” is the best medicine for whatever ails you

Sheldon and Penny bond through illness, home sickness and injuries singing Soft Kitty.  Simple but profound. 

All you need is love.  Here are the lyrics:

Soft kitty,
Warm kitty,
Little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
Sleepy kitty,
Purr Purr Purr

Do you have other life lessons you have learned from the Big Bang Theory?  Share them in the comments below

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  1. Wilson 9 years ago

    My favorite Big Bang Theory episode so far is the one where Sheldon is playing Words With Friends with Stephen Hawking. Also, when Sheldon names Amy, his girlfriend, as his “who should be notified in case of emergency” and then he has like 10 emergencies a day.

  2. Chris M 9 years ago

    I love the Big Bang Theory!!! I love this post! Thanks for sharing

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